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About James Smith


 about_jim_smith_web James J. Smith is recognized as a world-class Bonsai Master. His knowledge of tropical and semi- tropical bonsai is sought after by students and masters alike.  His artistry in the design of  both classical and natural styles of bonsai is unchallenged. His ability to see the artistic potential in raw stock is almost magical. His devotion to bonsai and generosity to the bonsai community is unrivaled. A master bonsai artist, a teacher, and a gentleman -- that is James J. Smith.
 Patrick Giacobbe, Bonsai Curator
¬†JIM SMITH was born in Evansville, Indiana in 1925.¬† At age 25, after reading about bonsai in garden magazines, he ordered a pamphlet entitled ‚ÄúHow to Grow Living Miniature Trees at Home‚ÄĚ -- and the rest is history.¬† He has studied with some of the greatest masters in America including Yuji Yoshimura, John Naka, and Tosh Saburamura.

The centerpiece of the James J. Smith bonsai collection is a Portulacaria afra, one of the species introduced to the bonsai community by Jim (as he likes to be called). His more then half century of highly creative bonsai art has made him well known nationally and internationally.


            Jim Smiths Loge Tree


Ficus Natalensis Designed by James J. Smith in the Banyan Style