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Written by Patrick Giacobbe   


I am living in Florida about 45 years,
I was born to Italian American parents
in a small town in Long Island,
New York.


I am semi-retired and devote most of my
time to grand kids and my passions,
Bonsai, Nature, Japanese Culture
and Art.

I have worked in the
construction industry,
restored Japanese art swords,
illustrator designer,
portrait artist,
and study bonsai and martial arts half my life.
  I am also the former Bonsai Curator for the James J. Smith Bonsai Gallery at Heathcote Botanical Gardens. 

 Logo Icon Explanation;
The sword which is a Japanese Ken
represents my years as a Japanese art sword polisher and martial artist.
The tree a Bonsai
and its branches represents my God given talents.
Graphic Artist
Bonsai Artist
Martial Artist
Token Togishi
Construction Industry

Patrick Giacobbe